Anna Kan,



Anna Kan,

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Managing director and Production controller of the Digital Magic Group, TV commercial and Short films, 3D Stereo Filming, and filming equipment services, 4K/4K+, UHD/HD/SD TV and Movie Post-production, Digital Cinema/DCP, 3D stereo, and New Media, DI, Film restorations, and Laser 35mm Film Output, RED Camera Greater China services, Event equipment Rental, Project SI and Training workshops


Exco Member of AMP4, the Hong Kong Association of Motion Pictures Post Production professional

Membership Chairperson of AMia,, The Advanced Motion Imaging Association

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 3D Stereo and VR Movie Executive Producer


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Ex-co Member, Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Assoication

Ex-co member, ACM Siggraph, Hong Kong Chapter

Member, Hong Kong General Chamber of commerce, 香港總商會

Member, Hong Kong Comic Assoication 香港動漫畫聯會


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